Innisfail, North Queensland

Nan always loved dancing, and commenced Square Dancing in Innisfail, North Queensland, in March 1979.

She first saw Round Dancing a few months later when Art and Blanche Shepherd and a group of New Zealand Dancers visited Cairns. Nan knew right away Round Dancing was for her, even though, at this stage it was amusing to hear some of the cues, a scissors representing a move.

July the same year she commenced travelling to Cairns for beginner Round Dance classes conducted by Bill and Glad Browning, President couple of Coral Coasters Square and Round Dance Club, Edmonton, NQ.

With the cued tapes supplied for practice, interested dancers from Innisfail Grand Squares were introduced to the basics of Round Dancing. Nan progressed to cueing, with much trial and error and lots of practice. Home became a base for teaching beginners and continued with dancers in three classes at different stages. A fourth class followed on to cater for the new beginners.

In the early 1980’s Bill and Glad Browning retired and so Nan and Sam then danced with Trinity Round Dance Club Cairns until the Tully Club commenced in 1987.

Nan cued Rounds at three Clubs Dances over many years:-

  • Innisfail Grand Squares and Rounds - Weekly 1979 onwards
  • Tully Allemanders Squares and Rounds - Fortnightly 1987 to 1997
  • Coral Coasters Squares and Rounds - Fortnightly 1990’s (in 1996 commenced a beginners for Dancers in the Cairns area continuing till retirement).
Other activities in a very busy dance life over the years included:-
  • For some years conducted workshops at annual Northern combined Dances at Cardwell
  • Programmed Rounds at NQ Conventions, and organised workshops where required
  • Attended all Cardwell Dances and meetings from 1979 to time of retirement 2001 two per year initially then annually
  • Attended all National Conventions from 1982 Brisbane, to 2003 Caloundra
  • First cued at Geelong National 1987 cued at all Nationals after that to 2001 year of retirement
  • Attended National in Mandurah WA in 2002 as representatives for North Queensland for the Caloundra National in 2003
  • Presenters of Foxtrot Rhythm at Rounds Seminar at National Convention Adelaide 1992 and Perth 1993
  • Presented Showcase Round "Twilight Time" (own choice and solo couple) Hobart 1989
  • Hosted John and Bertha Stallard, for Rounds workshop at Innisfail Annual Dance August 1992
  • Travelled to Buderim Sth Qld in September 1992 for Seminar and workshops with Helen and Bill Stairwald, Texas, USA
  • In July 1996 Nan travelled to Caboolture to attend teachers week-end with Carol and Bill Goss USA hosted by PK Rounds
Nan and Sam have been honoured for their contribution to dancing as follows:-
  • In May 1996 Nan and Sam received the “Silver Spur Award” from Qld Square Dance Society presented to them by the Northern Vice President Queensland Square Dancing Society, at the North Queensland Convention at Gordonvale N.Q.
  • In 1998 at Mini-Lab in Adelaide they were presented with a Certificate and Trophy by ARDA in acknowledgement of their 15 years continuous teaching
  • Nan and Sam were honoured to receive Life Membership from QRDA in May 2002. It was presented to them by Bev McLachlan at the North Queensland Convention, hosted by Cairns City Squares. Sam was also invited to officially open this Convention.
They attended the National Convention in Caloundra in 2003.