Kevin & Dulce COLLINS


Kevin and Dulce danced with Elva Hoppe and the Carousel Club for many years,leaving them in the late'70's. They started the K.D. Rounds at the request of some dancers who wanted to improve their dancing still further.The club quickly grew to be one of the biggest in Brisbane.

Kevin's precise method of teaching and his and Dulce's ability to demonstrate the various dance moves set a standard that only a few of the other teachers achieved. Kevin and Dulce used their knowledge of Ballroom dancing to better the standard of their dancers. The demonstrations that they put on annually for the Strawberry Festival were eagerly anticipated by everyone. Some of our present day teachers have much to thank Kevin for as he was always willing to assist them during their early days.

Unfortunately,Kevin and Dulce were forced to stop teaching in the early 90's due to ill health. Their club, K.D.Rounds,was maintained for six months by David Pitt and then Linda Williamson became the leader in 1992. She kept the K.D. Rounds name for the club till 1996 because of the esteem that both Kevin and Dulce were held in by the dancers.

Kevin was instrumental in the formation of the Queensland Round Dance Association and was a firm supporter of the aims of the Association. Both he and Dulce were foundation members. Dulce was awarded with Life Membership after Kevin's death for the work they had both done for Round dancing in Queensland.