Eric & Marj BRADSHAW

Gold Coast

Eric Bradshaw's contributions to the Round Dance activity in Queensland are varied, as well as spread over many years service. Eric has long been respected as having some authority regarding the definitions of the movements, teaching and dancing higher levels, and assisting in the administration of the Round Dance associations.

Over the years, Eric together with wife Marjorie, has assisted cuers such as Elva Hoppe, Kev & Dulcie Collins, and Pat & Mabbs Bourke to take the Round Dancing that was introduced into Australia about 40 years ago and mould it into the form we enjoy today.

Even if they weren’t the focal couple, Eric and Marj were at countless sessions to help out when required. A Round dance teach session at Summer Holiday or Winter Wonderland on the Gold Coast would have seemed incomplete without this couple being on hand to help demonstrate. Eric has always been one of the first to put his hand up if a cuer, teacher, or dancer was required for a function or festival. Eric and Kev Collins ran the first Seminar for QRDA, (about 1995) where Eric and Marj taught a Rumba.

He and Kev Collins were instrumental in setting up QRDA prior to 1989 and Eric was Treasurer of the Association from 1989-94. He wrote the original Constitution and has written (with assistance) all the up-dates to the Constitution; as well as providing documentation that has enabled many more dance and non-dance clubs and bodies to exist and operate in a full legal function.

Their contributions to running a number of clubs, teaching sessions and giving assistance are too numerous to mention in a short article. Along with the active teaching aspect, Eric has also had a stint at being part of the international Round Dance association, Roundalab. He was a member of the Standardisation Committee around 1993-94 and was commended for his work in the standardisation of cue sheets for Roundalab . As a member of this committee , Eric was able to impart his beliefs and experience with the end result of creating more precise definitions of movements.

The years have finally slowed Eric and Marj down just a little, but the enthusiasm and passion are still there.

QRDA is indeed fortunate to have Eric and Marj. Bradshaw as Life Members. The award was made at the 30th Birthday dance for Tugun Twirlers, a club that Eric and Marj. have had a lot to do with over the years, on the 29th March 2006 by their daughter Corinne.